About Us

About Exhibitor Orbits

Founded MADARAT in 2004, and since the establishment, Our team began to harness all its previous professional experiences in various fields and services for organizing exhibitions and conferences, relying on taking the findings of exhibitions and conferences technology, which it gained from its permanent contact with major exhibitions and conferences companies in various countries of the world until the organization has stock A great deal of knowledge is harnessed to improve the level of exhibitions and conferences, as there is no benet to work on the one hand, and contribute to raising the quality of exhibitions and conferences in the Kingdom.

Our Message
We work to keep pace with the developments and creations of the world of organizing and managing exhibitions, conferences, and events and presenting them to our customers in a manner that suits their requirements and establishing a long term strategic relationship by meeting all their needs with the highest degree of professionalism.


Our Goals
Covering all customer needs through services and activities in the eld of organizing exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops and support services for them in a professional manner and creative ideas and upgrading their level to keep pace with the aspirations of our customers

Our Vision
Permanent work to reach leadership by providing services that exceed aspirations